The title of my project is hidden so my idea for this is to explain a hidden meaning or message behind a photo. The target audience for this is anyone who is interested in landscape, nature or mysterious things. I also did some primary research to see if people preferred woodland or rocky beach and 19 people out of 30 said they like woodland more and 11 said they liked rocky beach. For my secondary research I looked up some pictures of woodland and rocky beaches. seeing the results of my tally chart and research I ended up liking the woodland a lot more than the rocky beach.

For my production I am going to take 4-6 pictures of woodland areas and then explain what the hidden meaning behind them could be for that area. These photo may be taken at different times and angles so some of the photos may look different in size, co lour, lighting or shading. All of the photos are going to be taken in landscape so the photo is wider and you can see more along the photo.

There are some techniques I have read about on I may use some of these techniques on my photography. After I have taken my photos I might edit them depending on how good the photo looks after I have got them to a good enough standard. If I was to edit the photos I would edit them so it looks suitable for my project.

For my equipment I will be using a phone camera. I may need some resources and props like leaves, animals and rocks. Taking the picture will take one or two days depending on the weather and time. If I edit the pictures it will only take 1 day. Then after this it will take another one or two days to finish of the rest of the project.

This project will not cost a lot too make because I am only using a phone camera and maybe some editing software.

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